Setup the Mackie SRM150

1. Remove the portable PA system from its case, along with all the cords.
2. Be sure to plug the power cord into the rear of the speaker, and the other end into the closest outlet.
3. If you will be hooking the speaker up to a projector, computer/laptop, musical instrument or microphone, be sure to attach the necessary connectors before you power on the portable PA sound system.
4. Power on the portable PA sound system.
5. Adjust the knobs accordingly to achieve the correct tone, volume and mixer quality.
6. When finished, power down the portable PA sound system, detach the projector, computer/laptop, musical instrument or microphone, and return it to its case.
7. Be sure to return all the cords in the case with the speaker.

Preparing PRP Packages:
1. Pack items in a sturdy box using cushioning materials to keep them secure.
2. Remove or black out any old shipping labels, including the original shipping barcode.
3. Seal the box with shipping tape.
4. Complete the FROM section.
5. Affix one PRP label to each box (If you do not have enough labels, then you must obtain additional labels from the company that provided them).
6. Keep the back of the label as your receipt. You may have your FedEx Ground driver sign below.
7. If you have packages that require extra services, you should provide a PRP Pickup Record to your driver upon pickup or to the drop-off location.

Options To Return PRP Packages:
Drop Off - for residential OR business locations
- To find you closest drop-off location in the US or Canada, go to,, or call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339

Pick Up - for business locations ONLY - have your label ready when you do one of the following:
- Go to and select “Schedule a Pickup” then “Schedule a Ground Return Pickup.” User ID and password are not required.
- Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say “Ground Return Pickup.”

If you have any further questions with your Dell 1510x projector rental or our return shipping policy be sure to read through the instruction booklet that came with your order or call (800) 574-0212 for more information.

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