Meet The Team

Melissa - President. She is in charge of the rental representatives at our company. All the orders must go through her before they are finalized. She has installed a system that has worked exceptionally well to keep her team organized, which has led to optimal success. Between her commitment to the job and dedication to the company, she exudes excellence.

Corey - Web Developer/Technical Specialist. He's responsible for creating and maintaining our web presence, as well as assist the technicians with various duties. His meetings with our technicians have created new technology innovations, which have led to optimal efficiency for this company. It should be known that he is also the guy everyone hunts down when the network decides to crash.

Sara - Head Rental Representative. She is Melissa's right hand woman. Being the main rental rep, she generates leads, performs follow-ups and coordinates with Melissa to ensure the accuracy of orders are maintained throughout the hustle and bustle of the everyday operations. And she does it with style.

Terry - Shipping/Receiving Supervisor. He is responsible for overseeing all of the equipment that goes out and comes in. He coordinates with the shipping/receiving team to ensure routine pretesting, cleaning and other warehouse operations are performed in an efficient manner. Also known as “The Chef,” Larry has been known to cook up some of the best food 'dis side da Miss'ippi.


Matt - Writer/Philosopher. He works with Corey and Mike to create relevant web content to help assist in our company's success. When not writing in his office, he can be seen 'taking a walk in the park' in an effort to ease writer's block. Also, it has been rumored that he and Mike have engaged in philosophical discussions that can be compared to the Dialogues of Plato.

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